grateful that while on my most recent business trip to LA, i was able to carve out a bit of time to visit the gallery scene on La Cienga, as recommended by a few West Coast twitter friends. ( shout outs to @Artbystander , @EmmaGrayHQ and @arely_villegas ) - i was planning on playing the role i’ve longed for since i was a kid in Dallas, the role of fake NY art snob that bashes LA for bashing’s sake. (and traffic) - instead i had some of the most memorable art experiences of my past year. and a new found crush on the city of angels. 

my absolute favorite non Walter de Maria moment / show / work, was the Friedrich Kunath show at Blum and Poe, Lacan’s Haircut. it was like walking into the art density and beauty of a frame from the Cremestar Cycle. a rich, mysterious narrative that blasted your eyeballs and sensibilities from the ground up. literally. the yellow, orange and red carpets that cover the gallery floors let you know before you enter that this is something different, cohesive, and visually stunning. paintings, sculpture and a video took me into a rabbit hole and through the strange looking glass of Kunath’s brain. i’m still having a hard time digesting it all. but i just want to feed my eyeballs more and more when i think of it.

above images

top: still from You Go Your Way, I’ll Go Crazy (digital video) 2012

bottom: Summer on a Solitary Beach (Wintermezzo), 2012