last thursday i put on my fresh pair of low-top Chuck’s (because, you know, FNO) and quenched my thirst for walking around and looking at contemporary art that i cannot afford. below are some shows i would recommend to humans i like. as a starting point i used the great Carolina A. Miranda's ( @cmonstah ) handy map and guide to openings in Chelsea and then filled it in with my own research (which was a complete failure compared to Miranda’s)

opened Sept 8


Do Ho Suh - Home Within Home - Oct. 26 

Maysey Craddock - Other Spaces - Oct. 15 

Various Artists - Double Crescent - Oct. 22

last night i attempted to see the Social Media show at Pace on 25th, but really just ended up drinking free beer and standing around under the High Line next to David Byrne’s Tight Spot. i did manage to make a swim through the crowd inside and it felt about the right Pace style balance of rockstar name factor and quality work. i will have to go back when the masses have subsided.