Bobbito called this the best article about he and Stretch that he had ever read.



From 1990 to 1998, Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Garcia had the most influential hip hop radio program in the known universe. The duo reunited in February to celebrate the show’s 20th anniversary. To mark the occasion, I asked SF’s native son, DJ Sake One of the (((Local1200))) crew, to tell us what they meant as he was coming up in the pre-internet days of the “Golden Era.” Read. Listen to their 4 hour broadcast below. More goodies at the end of Sake’s words.

For tha mid-30s hip-hop set, Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Garcia are a sort of urban demigod duo, anointed with tha sacred power to determine what’s fresh from what’s wack in a sea of cultural flotsam and jetsam.

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