Tyler the Creator = young John Lydon. i have championed Tyler and the Odd Future (OFWGKTA) collective since i discovered them on the Jimmy Fallon show months ago. much to the chagrin of many friends and peers. with his VMA appearance and win (Best New Artist) last night i have again heard him compared both favorably and unfavorably to dozens of other MCs. in my mind, he is much more comparable to the Sex Pistols front man. a youthful punk rock ambassador of anarchy. a much needed entity in todays Bieberific pop music world. 

check part 2 of the interview here:

Tom Snyder - you really don’t care what your audiences think of you, do you?

John Lydon - no, it doesn’t matter, it’s irrelevant

Tom Snyder - what is relevant?

John Lydon - just us getting on with what we want to do, if people appreciate it that’s fine…